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Washing and Drying Service

Welcome to comfort and efficiency during your stay with us! We want to offer you an exceptional experience, and that's why we present our exclusive self-service laundry service. Conveniently located on the top floor of our building, next to the terrace, it allows you to enjoy stunning views while taking care of your clothes.

How to Use the Service:

  1. Head to the top floor of the building and find our laundry facilities on the terrace.

  2. Select an available machine.

  3. Make payment through your preferred method.

  4. Follow the simple instructions on the machine to start the washing or drying cycle.

  5. Enjoy your free time while we take care of your clothes!

Our laundry service is designed to offer you maximum convenience during your stay. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy a fresh and clean stay with us!

Affordable Prices and Simple Process

  • Washing: COP 14,000

  • Drying: COP 14,000

Each cycle, whether washing or drying, is designed to provide optimal results with maximum efficiency and care for your garments.

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Flexible Payment Options

For your convenience, we offer two simple payment methods:

Cash: Our machines accept cash payments. Please note that they do not provide change, so please ensure you have the exact amount.

Mobile App: For a smoother experience, download our dedicated app. This option not only makes payment easier but also allows you to monitor the status of your wash or dry in real-time from your smartphone.

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