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Servicio de Parqueadero

At Tokyo Plus, we are committed to providing safe and convenient service for all our visitors. Our parking facility is designed to offer you the best experience, with easy access and 24-hour security.


24/7 Access: Your vehicle available at any time.

Security: Closed-circuit television and constant surveillance.

Customer Service: Staff always ready to assist you with anything you need.


The parking facility is not suitable for vehicles exceeding 2.5 tons or armored vehicles.

The maximum time for each reservation is 1 week. If you require more time, a new reservation must be made.

The parking service is available only for guests, so a confirmed reservation is necessary. To know the rates, click here:

Access via platform

Modern technology to maximize space and protect your vehicle.

IMG_3597 2024-01-06 14_48_38.HEIC

Elevated Parking Spaces

Our state-of-the-art platforms lift and position your vehicle in a secure location, maximizing space vertically.

IMG_3596 2024-01-06 14_48_37.HEIC
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